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Hi! I'm Laura. I have brownish blonde hair, I ALWAYS wear my hair down, brown eyes, I was adopted, I like swinging & swimming, I like the color black, I don't like wearing my hair up, I AM OBSESSED WITH ANYTHING WOLF, im 12, I have 2 pretty budgies named Lucky and Sean and I have a really cute dog (to be specific, a chihuahua/husky. I got him for $7 in November of 2008) named Max, and please enjoy this website. Below are all of my pets! Max, Mina, Jade and Lucky. I'm in middle school, 7th grade!

About Me

Mina Hello, I am Mina. I am an 8 year old (I have no idea what I am). I had a skin rash that drove me crazy! I am not getting put down anymore! The vet helped me! YAY!

About Me

Max Hi! I am Max, Laura's dog! I am a 20 pound Chihuahua mix and I love to run and play with my toys! My favorite toys are my squeaky bear, my purple monkey (from McDonald's, no harm done), my two rabbit toys one boy and one girl (one has a pink dress and one has green overalls) and my mini dog that looks just like me (Laura's friend Callie gave me it) and especially my tennis ball!! I stole it from Mina though! I love to escape and I only listen when I want to. I get sick if I eat anything; I can only eat Science Diet. I will eat anything, even acorns and I think grass is delicious (I wont stop eating it; I wont stop puking on the floor) and Laura's dad has caugh me chewing up his pencils. I love Laura, she is my master and I like to jump on her and I HATE water! I got Laura's mp3 player wet, but now she has a Samsung touch screen Q2. I hate my roommate, Mina. She has to bite everytime I play with Laura. She smells really bad! If she tries to bite me I will bare my teeth and say "YIP YIP YAP SQUEAL GO AWAY! YIP YIP YIP!!!!!!!!!!!" I have not gotten my puberty yet so I yip and squeal, but I will never because I am a lil' Chuhuahua. Or should I say large Chihuahua... my mom was a husky. My mommy and daddy met from other sides of the world!

About Me

Sean Hi! I am the baby bird Laura was talking about! Aren't I cute!? I got all my feathers in and I am a boy. My picture is not close to what I look like now, I am big! I'm 4 months old! My mommy is Lucky and my daddy WAS Jade. I am getting a new daddy soon when I grow up, at least a month more. Laura's friend Cody named me! My daddy is either going to be a lutino, a cinnamon, a Pied, a pale blue, an albino or a green budgie I will love him no matter what color he is! I myself am going to be a faintly lighter colored "Jade".

About Me

Jade Hi Everybody! Greetings from Heaven! Yes, I have died on January 27th 2010 due to so Laura thinks, a heart attack. I was very weak when I was a few minutes away from death. I was only three when I died. Laura was crying so hard when I squealed and died. I was a good bird and I miss Lucky and ____ so much. I never got to say goodbye to Lucky or my baby. I never got to meet my baby, but she introduced me when I was about to die. Lucky did not care, she just pecked me (not a very good wife...) and flied back to her cage. I love all the people and animals I knew over the years. I knew Lemon. She was a very beautiful Cockateel that was yellow with red cheecks and a rockin' mohawk, owned by Laura's BFF Julia. I also remember Kiwi. He was an awesome Conure who liked to bite. He was very friendly to me, but when I got too close, he pecked me. He was owned my Julia's sister, Rachel. I remember Lucky, the most beautiful woman (bird) of my life. She was my mate and we had children finally about 3 weeks before I died. My baby, I remember too, but fainly. She or he was so cute and tiny and pink. I hope Lucky takes good care of it. I remember all of Laura's friends, all of them I can't say because I remember faces more than names :) I remember Max and mina, two dogs that let me eat their fleas for them. They didn't know what was expected of me, and I wasn't so sure about them, but they said "goodbye" to me right before I died. And I love Megan. She was so nice!!! And last but not least, Laura. She was the best and friendliest to me. She pampered me, gave me birthdays, bought me awesome stuff, and loved me, literally to death. To death. Not the cause of it. She made my death less painful to leave. Right now Laura is crying her little heart out typing this. I was buried right next to Laura's milkweed and aloe plant in her little garden. So long everybody, one day I will meet back with the people I love in heaven. Goodbye forever!

About Me

Lucky Hi there. I'm Lucky, a widow. Jade has died so yeah. A widow is a woman that is left when her husband dies. I am diffirent colors of green and yellow. I never tweet and I am scared of everything. I liked to peck Jade even though he was my sweety. He hogged the food too much so I tried to butt him out of the way. It worked. I used to clean him if he cleans me, and he fed me alot of (A.B.C. already been chewed) seeds. Barf for birds is just whole seeds and spit. Birds do not chew, they just take of the shells of the seeds and swallow the whole seed. That tan thing i am standing on is Laura's finger. I miss Jade so much! Read his about me. Do not read it if you cry easily! I cried so much when Laura showed me dead Jade in her hand :'(

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May 29, 2010
I am now a full wolf obsesser =) check out Wolf's Rain!

Jade Died

January 27, 2010
I'm sorry you guys, Jade has died today. Today is January 27 2010. See his pictures in funny pictures when he was a few minutes from death :'(

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