Pictures ☺

This is Max... find more about him at "Home". The third one from top is so funny! That is Max (He heard a sound behind him thats why his ears are back) in the middle of licking his chops ha ha ha! the 4th one; max is not afraid of that. He is looking at it like "seriously. You think I am afraid of THAT? wow." 5th picture: Max loves food! He ate one of those that were for me (THANKS MAX I WAS HUNGRY!) The tenth pic is when max had a bath. 11th pic is my toad I found in the driveway. It's red because I covered the flash with my hand and the light turned pink because my hand is sorta pink lol. he's huge!!! 12th pic: Max the fashonista! 16th pic: Max loves to do my homework but he sheds all over it! 17th picture: LOOK AT ME I'M HOLDING AN ALLIGATOR!

These following pictures are pictures of Jade a few minutes before death! 

These are some cute pictures I found on the internet that my friends would LOVE! Enjoy!

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