Games 101

Hey it's Laura and guess what? Well you probably know because of the title! That's right! Lucky laid two beautiful eggs! I took so many pictures that I think I scared lucky from going into her nesting box :( Look how cute there are <3  The blue bird is the happy father and the green one is the happy mother! Lol in the 4th picture it looks that her tail took a beating on the birth! update: Lucky had 5 eggs and two out of five are fertilized! I will post pics soon! okay so the pinkish eggs on the bottom of the page are me showing you... THAT THEY ARE INDEED FERTILIZED!!! :D :D :D :D well the first egg that i show you is... the other one is not :'( there are 5 of them and 2 are fertile :D not very much though :(

This little angel's name is _____________. It is a -no gender able to tell yet.- Hatched on January (umm) i think 19th 2010. 

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